Judging Competition

The Judging Competition by a panel of diverse whisk(e)y experts will contain the following six categories:

      • Bourbon
      • Rye
      • Single Malt
      • Peated
      • American Whiskey (including multi & unique grain, flavored and blends)
      • World Whisk(e)y (including multi & unique grain, flavored and blends)

Each category will have Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. From the six category Gold winners, one will be selected as Best in Show.

The 2021 Winners and Judges

photo by Danny Ngan

Seattle World Whiskey Day Head Judge:
Carolyn Sellar

  • National and Regional Judge of Whiskies

Carolyn is the founder of Adventures in Whisky, which has produced hundreds of events in the Seattle greater area including some of the biggest whisky events in Washington. Along with whisky event production, Carolyn is also a consultant for branding and marketing for many establishments and whisky brands locally and nationally.

Carolyn is a national whiskey judge for San Francisco Whiskies of the World competition and the Head Judge for Seattle World Whiskey Day awards competition.

Carolyn is an established whisky educator, and she has received designations from the Council of Whiskey Masters as Certified Scotch Professional, Certified Bourbon Professional, and Certified World Whisky Specialist. In 2022, Carolyn will be traveling to Inverness, Scotland as a candidate for certification of Master of Scotch Whisky. Carolyn is the Whisky Sommelier of Seattle Whisky Club, founder of the Seattle Whisky Society, and COO of Women Who Whiskey Seattle.

You will soon be able to read more about Carolyn’s whisky career and adventures in an upcoming feature in American Whiskey Magazine!

Outside of the whiskey world, Carolyn is a multi-award winning environmental and animal conservationist and when she can find some time to relax you will find her with a dram in hand and in the great outdoors with her two amazing rescue dogs named Peat and Barley.

Additional 2022 Judging Panel Bios Coming Soon